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UMD Dumper


Leírás : Aki az UMDumper-t fejben kitalálta és meg is alkotta az alkalmazást, maga fel is írta a legjobb heckeri elméletek listájára . Ugyanis ha nem lett volna ez a nagy ész nem tudnánk memóriakártyáról játszani PSP-n az UMD lemezek mellőzése helyett. De ha nem lenne meg ez a technika már kifejlesztettek volna egy másik ötletet az UMDumper helyet. Nincs kijátszhatatlan adatbázis. Mindent kilehet játszani. A program segítségével kitudod írni az UMD lemezek tartalmát a memóriakártyára (ISO,CSO formátumba). Az CSO file az ISO tömörített változata, ha helyet akarsz megtakarítani ezt érdemes használni.
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We've been a PS3 household ever since the 60GB veiosrn came about so, with two pre-teens in the house, we were ripe for a PSP adoption. We actually bought the Ratchet & Clank Pack a few months ago because one of my kids was a fan of the game. The Rock Band bundle followed shortly after. Now, a little girl in the house she needs her own PSP and she gets to keep it for as long as she does well in school. And, like must girls her age, she's Hannah Montana's hugest fan. It didn't really come to a choice between a HM live concert and the purple PSP. It turns out the show was sold out in our area before we had a chance to buy tickets so the HM PSP Entertainment Pack was the logical choice because it was the only choice. THE BUNDLE - The bundle costs a few more than the clean' PSP-3000 but, in our case, the convenience of getting it together with a little game AND a memory card AND a few HM episodes on a second UMD disc justified the extra expense because she REALLY wanted a PSP of her own and she REALLY likes purple the lilac' is a pretty good approximation of her favorite color. The Pack' includes the following: - The PSP 3000 itself in black - 2GB Memory card - The Hannah Montana: Rock Out The Show game - A few HM episodes on a separate disc - Stickers - Manual, promos, registration card, etc. Since this is our third PSP-3000, it was up and running within minutes but, trying to be objective, someone new to the PSP environment should be able to have it running with basic functions pretty quickly half an hour to a couple of hours. The Rock out the Show game appears to be interesting and fun lets a girl practice her management skills and develops it develops her sense of rhythm. Our girl just started playing it and the general idea is that Robbie Ray is temporarily gone and HM is fully in charge with managing her ongoing world tour. The player can dress up Hannah, pick the songs, set the stage and so on. Oh, and there are about a dozen songs and Hannah sings while the games are being played. Pretty cool, or so my girl is telling me. The HM episodes are just that. She's watched each one many times already, on a big screen. She didn't show much interest in replaying them on the tiny PSP but they may come in handy next time we go on a road trip. Note: Given the PSP's built-in Wi-Fi and its PS3 integration you can do quite a few things out of the box if you have Wi-Fi or a PS3 but, for a better gaming experience we ordered a 16GB memory stick and will probably be using the included 2GB to archive photos will hold over 1000 because we are planning to store a few movies when taking it on the road. Movies take about 0.5GB each. FIRST IMPRESSIONS - I was surprised of how good and versatile and elegant this little console can be. It has most of the PS3 buttons, including one analog joystick, the display is large and bright, the resolution is good (480 272), and it responds quickly to controls. It appears to be solidly built. Unlike prior models, this one comes with a built-in microphone while the sound output can be either through the internal speakers or headphones (not included). After charging the battery, my kid was up and running and happy in no time. It's worth noting that the Hanna Montana edition finish is more forgiving than the regular piano black PSPs when it comes to fingerprints. But, let me proceed with a more structured discussion. STAND-ALONE OPERATION (DISCONNECTED) - Once charged, the PSP 3000 will play games or movies delivered on UMDs or off a Memory Stick card. In addition, it will display photos and play music stored on the Memory card. NETWORKING AND INTERNET CONNECTIVITY The built-in Wi-Fi allows the PSP 3000 to access the Playstation Netowork and Playstation Store directly. Off the box, there is an Internet browser, a Search (the Internet) function, several Internet Radio applications and the ability to use the PSP as a Skype phone for as long as one has a Skype account and the PSP happens to be within the range of a Wi-Fi hotspot. PS3 INTEGRATION After the PSP is paired with the PS3, the PS3 can push' video, photos, music and even PSP games downloaded from the Playstation Store when connected through a USB wire. When wireless, the PSP can basically take over the PS3 actually display the PS3 s own screen and display photos stored on the PS3, play music stored on the PS3. Movie play is not supported. Amazingly, you can access your PS3 remotely from anywhere in the Universe for as long as your PSP can access the Net via Wi-Fi. When playing music, it's Read more

Szia másold rá a program mappáját a PSP/Game mappába majd indítsd el csak custom firmware-n működik ! UMD-nek benn kell lenni-e az UMD lejátszóban majd a programban ha van elég szabad helyed akkor lemásolja a lemezt a memóriakártyádra biggrin

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Ezt a szoftvert be kell másolni a memóriakártyába.
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Helló , elmondanávalaki hogy ezt a progit hogy kell a PSP-n működtetni ?? PSP Go -m van 6.20 as software-rel, pls segitsetek ...:((

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